Viva S Club
Viva S Club
Aka S Club 7 in Barcelona
Genre British Sitcom
Family Entertainment
Theme Alive
No. of episodes 13
Original run 20 Sept 2002 –27 Dec 2002
Followed by Miami 7
L.A. 7
Hollywood 7

Viva S Club was the fourth and final series in the BBC television series starring British pop group S Club.

This was the only series that was not filmed in America, filming, instead, in Barcelona, Spain. The programme was shown every week on CBBC from 20 September 2002 to 27 December 2002 and starred all members of S Club.

Plot Edit

As with past series, Viva S Club takes place following the events in Hollywood 7, in which the band has become popular Stateside, but not so much internationally. The series sees band member Paul Cattermole leave the group, featuring in only five episodes. The remainder of the series featured the events of the remaining band members who had renamed, S Club. The series sees the group gaining new manager, Mr Wendelbaum, who employs Lyall and Maria as their mentor and housekeeper.

The final episode entitled Let's Get Out of Here, somewhat made fun of the way their series ended, the plot of the finale centred around Tina and a recent break up with a boyfriend who's dad happens to be a Mafioso leader. In the midst of the episode the band reminisce over the past few years and in the end they jump on a boat that was heading to Egypt before Jo pilots the boat back to the UK.

Episodes Edit

  1. The Fame in Spain
  2. A Problem Like Maria
  3. Jon De Bergerac
  4. Goodbye Is the Hardest Word
  5. Absent Friends
  6. Shakedown
  7. Superstition
  8. Spanish Jon
  9. The Rain in Spain
  10. Of Mice and Music
  11. Survival
  12. 24 Minutes Till Doomsday
  13. Let's Get Out of Here

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