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Cast Facts:Edit

Full name: Joanne Valda O’Meara

Birthday: 29th April 1979

Occupations: Singer, Actress, Television personality and songwriter

Full name: Rachel Lauren Stevens

Birthday: 9th April 1978

Occupations: Singer, Song writer, actress and Television personality

Full name: Hannah Louise Spearritt

Birthday: 1st April 1981

Occupations: Former singer and Actress

Full name: Bradley John McLntosh

Birthday: 8th August 1981

Occupations: Actor, Singer, Author and DJ

Full name: Tina Ann Barrett

Birthday: 16th September 1976

Occupations: Singer and Actress

Full name: Jonathan Lee

Birthday: 26th April 1982

Occupations: Actor and singer

Full name: Paul Gerald Cattermole

Birthday: 7th March 1977

Occupations: Actor and singer


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