Miami 7, Episode 06
Air Date 13 May 1999
Song(s) So Right
Previous The Man From E.M.I.
Next Volleyball

Alligator is the sixth episode of Miami 7 which was first broadcast on 13 May 1999.

Summary Edit

Howard's finds himself with a date with a swimsuit model and Rachel, Tina, and Jo set about giving him a complete makeover.  They take Howard out to the mall on an all-day shopping spree to "make him over" and make him more sensitive.

Meanwhile, The boys and Hannah decide to set their boss's pet alligator, Clint, free. However, they're disappointed when Clint returns. Marvin explains to them that he's a homing (domesticated but allowed some freedom) alligator. Howard's date is a disaster - his dinner partner, Arlene, has no fashion sense. He returns home disappointed, but it appears he's taken his new-found metrosexuality a bit too seriously.  

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